Indigo Tile by The Day Designer

August 29, 2018

Let’s talk about this wonderful Day Designer Planner. First off, you get your choice of 12 beautiful hard cover designs. It’s about the size of a new laptop which allows for easy carry in a large purse. There was no skimping of the binding of the Day Designer it is made strong to hold the hard cover book in place and the pages intact. The gold binding only helps to create a rich look in design. This multi-purpose planner does it all. You get your calendar, daily and weekly pages, to do list, goal setting, and even a quote to start your day! There’s so much more inside this Day Designer. Truly, anything you need to help keep you organized is in this Day Designer.Why you ask, is this Day Designer so great. The reason is we are all rushing around multi-tasking and in our fatigue we frankly forget things. We for the most part don’t stay on task. For me, having four kids it’s been so helpful. Not only am I a mom and wife I also am involved in fund raising for our community. I hold office in those committees and frankly I am tapped out. I also professionally blog and substitute teach in our district. Frankly, I am in fact a perfect candidate for this Day Designer! But, why…okay check out the details of the planner below…

Some of the highlights to the Day Designer’s approach to planning are below (

90 GSM White Paper
Daily Planning Pages with Scheduling from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Today, To-Do, Dinner, Gratitude, Top 3 To-Do Prompts, Notes and more!
Goal Setting Worksheets to Help You Achieve Your Big Dreams
Daily Inspirational Quotes
Combined Weekend Pages with Weekly Overview
Gold Foil Dated Monthly Tabs
Two-Page Monthly Overviews with a Monday Start Day for Each Week
Two-Page 2018-2019 Academic Year Overview with a Monday Start Day for Each Week
Daily and Monthly Pages Marked with U.S. holidays
Printed Grey Text to Avoid Stark Contrast
Durable Cover in dark blue and pink Indigo Tile
Navy Cover Liner with Inside Front Cover Pocket for Added Functionality
Protective Gold Corners
Sophisticated Gold Wire-O Binding
Tear-Out Pages in the Front and Back of Planner to Protect Inside Pages

How great are the features mentioned above. I personally love the notes area on the month overview page and the today, to-do, dinner, and gratitude pages. I was leaving my planner at home on my desk but have been taking it with me. I found that writing down the info helps to register the day. Yes, I have to sit down to plan out what the month and even year will hold. I have those dates like birthday, anniversary, when school begins kind of things. But I also have my work dates, meetings, kids sports, teacher meetings, in there as well. When I’m collaborating with a brand I have deadlines to meet. My planner helps me do that as I can see all the events leading up to a photo shoot, a post and the blog.

There is enough room in the planner to make these type of dates be highlighted. I see that the planner has made me be more organized in thought. With that I am more organized in my daily life. In a way, I might just call this Day Designer my organizational therapy book. No really!

I really like the tabs too. They are durable and easy to identify the month in question. The binding withstands page turns and I don’t waste any time getting where I need to be. I like to keep my planner opened wide as opposed to folding it into a book form while I’m working.

The Day Designer fits nicely into a large purse. With its impressive construction you will like the weight of this planner.  There are plenty of designs to choose from as well.  Besides, the beauty of my planner it has allowed me to prioritized my life so much more now than ever before. The calendar, the goal setting and extra pages they have put into this beautiful planner makes this the number one planner out there. You’ll find it hard to find another one made this durable, thoughtful in presentation and overall

It’s a beautiful book, it has everything laid out to schedule meetings, events, personal and professional daily, monthly and yearly to do’s events. I give it a 10+ on the best planner I have ever used. Great job Day Designer for helping this busy mom get her schedule on track.

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