February 9, 2019

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I remember when I was single. It was Valentine’s Day and couples were going to dinner and buying gifts for each other. It was a very romantic scene. Luckily, I have always had wonderful sweet friends. I remember getting every Brad Pitt movie and having a marathon with my girls! TRUE

You could say it started a long time ago when my best friend in kindergarten, Carolina, and I became friends. To this day we are still the best of friends, both raising our families, but still managing to take time to cherished our friendship from so long ago.

I planned a small gathering of women in my life that represent times in my life and how they enriched my life. Carolina, my first best friend ever from kindergarten, Jenny my best friend from college, Susie and Becca my new best friends who I met doing charity work for our school district.

You know the saying,”When S … hits the fan!”, well on this day three of these beautiful women had that happen and had to cancel. I did however, get to lunch with Becca, she’s so much like me I swear we’re sister’s from another mother. Becca and I spent 3 hrs laughing, sharing stories about the kids, our volunteer work, trips we are going on, I wouldn’t have been able to have this one on one had we all gathered. I really cherished yesterday’s lunch. As an added surprised bonus, a pop in from my husband completed a wonderful lunch gathering.

My point to all of this Galentine’s Day moment, is how important women friends are to each of us. Whether, we are sharing our deepest secrets like little girls, or just taking time to catch up. It always leaves me with such a warm appreciation for Becca and my other friends. It doesn’t matter if you have one bestie or a room full, these are your girls. For all of us who have that special person(s) in your life that make you feel happy inside. I wish you all a very happy day February 14, may your friendships continue to grow and be a comfort to your soul.

If you don’t share this type of friendship remember you are the best thing about you, make sure you enjoy those moments with family or someone you know who might also be single that day. Gather for a moment and make this day really about the happiness of each day we are given. Remember Me, Myself and I from the other post. I meant it in all the since of the phrase. I never really liked the notion about couples only with Valentines Day. I feel we are more love than that. So everyone whatever the situation might be enjoy this day to smile and say I love you.

I Love YOU and appreciate so much you supporting my Texasmadre blog. Happy Galentine’s Day and Valentines Day to all of you!

(heart) love,


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