Wardrobe Refresh

February 7, 2019

Yesterday we talked about ways to shop your closet. Today I have two style boards to help you re-imagine your wardrobe and bring it into style. Below are some exact and similar items that I showcase in the pics.

Shop the post:

Let’s take the jogger first. For a very casual look I would use the jogger, the white top and white sneaker. If it were cold that day I’d use the jean jacket. If I needed to have a quick casual meeting I’d change into the leopard mule, the black top and leopard sweater. My jeans I’d do the same and also the dress slack.

This entire board can be used in the same way from casual to more dressy. I try to purchase items that are on trend for my followers but since I am purchasing the clothing items I also want to use them in my everyday lifestyle.

Another idea…

This board is just like the one above. These are clothing items I have in my closet. I have a business meeting I grab that snake skirt and either one of the sweaters. If I’m feeling trendy I’d grab my black bootie. If I want a feminine look I’d grab on of my favorite heels. I have to confess I purchase every single one of these in all colors. WHY? Because this shoe is very comfortable, it’s timeless and very sexy! Yes, I like sexy too!

If I’m hanging out my very casual look would be jeans, white tee and white sneaker. Dress it up and put one of the sweaters on with this black bootie or heel. You can even grab a pair of shorts and wear with the sweaters or tee. Oh, and don’t forget I get three looks with the jeans and skirt EACH! Not bad!!!

I try to have 12 essential wardrobe pieces in my closet always. They help me base the looks I’m working with for any occasion.

  • Black dress
  • Black and White pullover tee and top
  • Black or nude bootie
  • Dress heel usually a nude or black ( you can work anything with these colors)
  • White sneaker
  • Jeans
  • Black cardigan
  • Wrap dress for any occasion (church, meeting, wedding etc.)
  • Midi skirt
  • Sweater
  • Button down blouse usually white
  • loafer once again I like the nude or black color

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