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Whole 30

March 19, 2019

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Good morning!

Well, I have had a ton of questions about Whole 30. Why, how, is it easy… I have loved this process and I will tell you why!

*I am not a nutritionist or a doctor and do not promise the same results or experience as me. Please seek medical advice if you have sensitivities or concerns regarding your health.*

Whole 30 is a 30 day program where you remove certain foods (sugars, grains, legumes) that could be harmful to your digestive system. You focus on veggies, proteins, and limited amounts of nuts and fruit. The program encourages you to remove excess eating (you can snack around workouts – I snacked during the day and still did great) and stick to three filling meals a day. If you cheat they encourage you to start over for a fresh start.

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So, why did I do it? I love food and always have =) My motto had always been, workout so I could eat. Well, the eating got worse and my workouts decreased. Help me! I wanted to form a new relationship with food and remove the toxic and overeating from my life.

It was very easy for me to start this process and complete the suggested 30 days. I set a start date and equipped myself with tools that would help me be successful. There are several food bloggers that I follow and borrow recipes from that share Whole 30 meals. I went to the store and stocked snacks, oils, meats, veggies, you name it so I could prepare my meals. Last, I let people know what I was doing to keep me accountable.

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I’ve been asked was it hard to do this. To be honest, not for me. Let me tell you why. I am not a huge coffee drinker, I drink socially and have no issues removing alcohol from my life, I am very devout to a process if my mind is in the game. Now let me tell you. I love cheese, bread, and sweets. I was not sure if this would be hard for me to remove, but it was so easy. The only issue I had with the 30 day process was I had a bad headache day 2 or 3. I also had a few breakouts. This was my body reacting to the changes and removal of toxins in my body. Plenty of water and rest helped this out.

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Here are some of the staples I kept on hand to help me through the process.

Trader Joe’s – They have a ton of options for Whole 30 and are cost friendly. I purchased these items there. Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Salsa, Pico de Gallo, Avocados, Lemons, Apples, Raw Nuts, RX Bars, Spindrift, Almond Milk, Tomato Paste, Diced Tomatoes, Bone Broth, Dried Fruit, Prosciutto, Deli Turkey, Ground Beef, Chicken, Eggs, and more. Make sure you check the labels for ingredients before buying to check for compliance. Biggest thing to look for is NO sugar.

Central Market – They have almost everything you need. I love CM, but they are more costly so I did not do the bulk of my shopping there. They do have more specialized products like the Safflower Oil that is delicious in Whole 30 Mayo. Check out this recipe here by Alex at the Defined Dish.

Tom Thumb or local grocery stores – you can find a lot of spices here and pick up fruits and veggies here. They also have almond or nut based milks that are compliant. They will also have a good assortment of fish and meats that are compliant.

Snap Kitchen – they have prepared meals that warm up in 1-2 minutes. The food is delicious and everything is labeled to help you shop and maintain your eating plan. Here is a link to their website to help you learn more about what they do and how you can order or shop.

See labels below for exact products.

A few Whole 30 friendly bloggers to check out – The Defined Dish, No Crumbs Left, 40 Aprons. There are so many great recipes on their site that range from tortilla less soup to sweet potato nachos. Be sure to check them out.

In Dallas there are several establishments that are Whole 30 friendly. HG Supply, Origins, Mudhen, Unleavened, and more. Here is a list published by D Magazine last year. There are many establishments that will modify their cooking process to help you too. At Doce Mesas I asked for a chicken breast cooked in extra virgin olive oil and an avocado. My waitress checked with the chef and he was happy to comply. Props to them!

In my 30 days I lost 16 pounds. Ya’ll that is crazy. I lost water weight and fat. My body is not as puffy, my joints feel amazing, and my skin looks healthier.

I have since had a few cheat days. Let me tell you – you can immediately feel the “bad” food in your system and how it react to your digestive system. I will not get in details, but slowly incorporate foods again. Do not go wild and just eat. Your body will let you know it’s not a fan. I will tell you that I am going back on this eating plan. I plan to do it until I get to my goal weight. If and I say if I do have a cheat day it will be in moderation.

Now does Whole 30 promote this lifestyle beyond 30 days. Well, they don’t say no. Here is a link to their rules. It is a hard lifestyle for many to maintain. If you can handle then get after it. You have to listen to your body and react on what is best. Like I said, I am not a certified nutritionist and do not promote it one way or the other. I am simply sharing my experience and what worked for me.

The bottom-line is this. I was brought up on the most delicious foods, Mexican and Italian like everyday! Yes, it is sooo good but as I begin having my children and getting older my body said NO more. I had 4 children within 7 years. The body slows down so it was so important for me to get a hold of my weight gain and have a good relationship with eating and working out.

I see so many of our fellow bloggers and followers who have done an incredible job maintaining their healthy body. I knew it was time for me to get back on the health wagon. It’s not about how you look in clothes, it’s truly about how you plan to take care of your health for the rest of your life.

Whole 30 introduced me to some different ways to season foods and cook those foods. I normally don’t eat to much fish but I did on this program and it was good. I found some news foods I enjoy and didn’t think I would. It’s all about the taste and Whole 30 tastes good. Oh, and did I tell you, “You look marvelous!”

If you plan to try this program, use Whole 30 as the foundation for the start of a health lifestyle. They have shopping lists and much more to help you be successful. Here is a link to their program resources. And I promise you the change in how you interact with food will be the start to a new healthy you.

Long post sorry but let me know if you have any questions. I’m still on my journey back and just now able to workout. Keep watching as I begin using these tools for my long healthy life.



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