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August 24, 2017

Who doesn’t love RuPaul. She said it best, “You better work!”

I love to workout. Whether it is a running outside, walking, swimming, or utilizing the machines I am 100% committed to taking time for myself and getting the cardio I need. This time serves as a time out for me. I get 30 minutes to a hour of quiet and can recharge before taking on the role as mom.

Working out serves two purposes for me: 1. It keeps me healthy and gives me energy. Without this I would not be the best version of myself and would do a disservice to my little ones. 2. It grants me freedom to enjoy food the way I do. I mean Tex-Mex, Italian, you name it – I love it!

What better way to track your health than with the Apple Watch. This watch is so great and I am pretty sure that I don’t need to sell you on the Apple products.

I always say you should dress the part. Right now there are so many cool styles of activewear. I recently found two great outfits from Target that are fashionable and comfortable. C9 stepped up their game and made leggings with a cool cut at the calf and mesh. Their sports bra has a great fit and holds everything in place. Check out my latest purchase from their line.

My go to shoe is a Nike. I am pretty loyal when it comes to my running shoes. I have tried many brands and none of the others offer me the comfort and support of the Pegasus that Nike makes for women. My hot pink shoes are a little a sassy while getting the job done. What is your go to shoe?

I encourage you all to get after it to feel strong and feel fit!

C9 Sports Bra

C9 Capri Pant

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

Apple Watch

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