How I Got My Nickname

March 27, 2019

I am sure you can all relate – nicknames have come and gone, but a few have remained steadfast! ha! Well, I have a few nicknames that are part of who I am and one has a great story!

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As you know, my name is Vanessa. I have been called Van, Nessa, Ness, you name it. I personally prefer Nessa out of that lot. I know you know why I feel that way. “wink” Now I know that Nessa seems like the winner and easiest assumption for a nickname, but that is not my main one. All my life I have been called Nai /na/ or Nai Nai /na//na/.

You ask – where did that come from? Well, let me tell you! When I was a baby my mom used to call my belly button my Nai Nai. This caused all sorts of giggles and silliness and stuck. Some people including myself (until I heard the story) would tell people it was from VaNAIssa. hahaha! Oh the way we can twist things to make them work in our favor =)

To this day my family and close friends call me Nai. My kids loved it when Silento came out with his hit, “Let me whip, Let me Nae Nae!” In their eyes I am famous and have a cool song and dance named after me. Yes! I will take that small victory.

Do you have a fun story behind your nickname? Drop a line in the comments and share!

I am sharing this casual spring outfit today because the main picture made me think of the Silento song – Let me whip…my hair that is =) Anyway, this cute top is so flattering on. The fabric and cut do wonders for a curvy figure and will look amazing on any body type. It is currently on sale for half the price. Thank you! It is a great piece to have for these warmer months. You can pair it with denim, shorts, culottes, and more. The print is a beautiful floral pattern and the colors scream spring. Be sure to check it out. You won’t be sorry!

Ok, I am off to run errands and finish my day. Hope you have a good one and I will be back soon!



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