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Why I Like Dior

October 24, 2019


First, this is not a collaboration with Dior. I would love one though 🙂 I have been asked about this makeup look so here it goes. I will do a tutorial for your soon. Promise!

I use a thick makeup brush linked below and spray just a tiny bit of Dior AirFlash on the brush then move it in a circular motion throughout my face. Believe me it covers GREAT. You only need a little bit on the brush. I linked a different makeup brush than Dior because the Dior is sold out. I do have off brand brushes and they work great too!

Then with the black eye pencil I apply on under the lower and above the upper lid. I actually apply a drugstore white liner on my lash line. I use the soft brush tip to blend. The flash luminizer serves as a touch up and brightner. You can outline your brows. You can put under the eye and on the high point of the cheek bone too. I dab it on the key areas and usually use my finger to lightly blend.

After that I apply the thick lash base on my eyelashes which is amazing. Don’t let it dry. It will work better if it still is wet and you can apply and shape mascara onto of it. You will love the effect – I’m not kidding it’s great. I was told by a noted makeup artist to rotate back and forth along the lashes as you put on your mascara. He said that’s enough if you do it correct. Going over and over lashes with mascara gives a thick look. I like a more subtle look of makeup. If you’re looking for a full lash I’d consider using false eyelashes. You’ll save money as well.

I use the Dior lip liner and two different lipsticks. The main color is Dior and the second lip color can be many brands depending upon whats in front of me. I love blending colors to make a softer or brighter lip. I recommend trying it – you will be surprised at the shades you can achieve. The lipliner keeps a nice clean line which makes it easy to fill in the lip. When applying lip liner make sure you give a fuller look on the top lip. I typically go lightly line outside the peak. Again, I will do a tutorial so you can fully understand and see.

Being a blogger and influencer I have to use more makeup on certain shots in order for the camera lighting to catch the shot correctly. It’s all about lighting and of course filters. I am not going to say I don’t filter because I do. I think you know by now what I look like, but I will do touch ups if necessary to elevate the shot. Don’t judge! 🙂

Shop the makeup:

Dior products are one of the most expensive I’ve purchased. However, they also last longer and apply better. You do not have to use a lot to get an amazing finish. I would recommend visiting a Dior counter and having your makeup done. They will build your colors for the season and help you achieve the look you want!

I’ll do a video when I can – life is crazy busy right now. I’m like a 10 to 15 mins kind of gal with makeup unless my business partner is there and makes me put on a heavier look. lol

Stay tuned!


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