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December 6, 2018


We all know that kids love to receive gifts and Christmas is the mecca for them. I put together a list that incorporates a lot of play, imagination, and the facts of life.  All essentials for your little one as they navigate this thing called life. Check them out below.

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By the way, my kids absolutely love the magna-tiles and our trampoline. They have a blast and can play with/on both for hours! The music items are great too! They help with coordination, hearing, and sensory needs. The game is an oldie and is so much fun. We like to gift this a lot with a book for birthday parties. My school aged kids really enjoy the game and can grasp the concept too.

Speaking of gifts and receiving. I know several parents struggle with the balance between giving gifts and celebrating the true meaning for the holidays. Here are a few things we do at home that help us teach our kids the reason for the season.

  1. Start reading children’s biblical stories about the birth of Christ.
  2. Select an angel on the angel tree.
  3. Volunteer at a shelter or toy drive for those less fortunate.
  4. Set a limit on the number of items received for the season.
  5. Have your child choose items to donate.
  6. Talk daily about the gift of God and how he impacts our lives.

All of these are great tools to help you open up the dialogue for the meaning of Christmas. And now to leave you with one of my favorites messages from James 1:17, “Every good and perfect gift comes from above…” We are all gifts. Celebrate you and treat yourself and others with kindness, compassion, and love.

Have a great evening and I will have some more gift ideas for you tomorrow!



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