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What is an Influencer Social?

November 18, 2019

I get asked often why I attend events and lunches. Let me tell you why. These are opportunities to network, test new products, and get a behind the scenes look at what is coming.

The past few months I have had the privilege of attending a couple of events that were amazing. I will be sharing a great review on a new clean self-tanning product too. Had I not attended I would not have the opportunity to introduce you to these products and make recommendations and honest reviews.

I have made new friends and love that sharing the influencer space has brought us together. Everyone is intelligent, kind, and hard working. Many of these women have been a blip on my radar, but we never crossed paths. It took one event to change that and for me to introduce you to new people.

The big prize is hosting my own events. I had a shopping event with a give back to the schools where I volunteer and support like crazy. It was gratifying to present the now President a big ole check and know that I made a difference because of what I do. I had a social at Merchant House in October with live music, plenty of friends, and delicious food and drink. I am hosting another Cocktail Hour and Shopping Event this December and will share all the details with you soon.

All of these things make me a better person and allow me the opportunity to create the best content possible. Would you like to attend an event in the future? Make sure you check on my daily on Instagram. Most of my advertising is done there for Texas Madre.

Well, that is a quick explanation of the why. Stay tuned for the fun and festive! Have a great night!



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