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November 25, 2019

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This year is the year of the headband. I had not worn one since my teens and I forgot how much I like them! Don’t worry, I have worn other styles or embellishments in the hair in the past decade or two. Now I am aging myself.

Lele Sadoughi brought the headband back with the beautiful pearl embellished and colorful headbands. Other brands have followed with imitation styles or their own crystal embellished or faux leather prints. All I am saying is I am here for this trend!

I bought several styles this year and will give you details on each. Check them out below:

Multicolor bejeweled Twin pack Gold bejeweled

My all time favorite headbands are my crystal embellished styles. I don’t receive credit for these, but they are too good not to share. I get stopped by people all day everyday. I actually own a multicolor, black, gold, and two thin silver and gold styles. They are padded and raised which adds to the beauty and display of them.

They are the perfect accessories to add to an outfit to help dress it up. I would not wear large earrings as the headband is a statement in itself. These are from Zara and a must to own!

Now I feel Zara is a great source for beautiful clothes that rival high fashion, but are affordable in their price point and are a good quality piece. I would not recommend their earrings though. I don’t feel they hold up like their other products do.

There are a ton of affordable headband options out there. I linked several styles for you to see. Some I own and others I don’t, but they have been on my radar. Check them out below:

Another favorite is the knot headband. The fabric is a satin finish and these are typically more subtle colors that tie nicely into an outfit.

You can find these in several color options and fabric options. Some are velvet, others are satin, and others are prints. These are all typically under $15 and some come in a multipack. Their quality is good. they have a 3D effect with the knot so you don’t need to do a lot with your hair. You may have to twist the ribbon from time to time, but it is easy to control! You will love this option!

Finally, you are seeing a lot of animal print out there. I love this faux leather headband. The snake print is totally on trend and it is a traditional flat headband. The quality is really good and you can allow for puff/volume in your hair too.

There are plenty of diverse styles out there to cater to each persons needs. Are you ready to elevate your fashion game and take on this trend? Below are several fun options for the holiday season!

Hope you have a fabulous day! I am off to pick up the kids and take on four extra kids for a playdate! Woohoo! Welcome to the holiday season!



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