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How to Achieve a Salon Mani Pedi at Home

April 28, 2020

I just had a big scare! I had a post drafted for you guys and thought it disappeared!!! Mom life at its finest. The kids think your devices are theirs and things disappear – yikes! Oh well. I was so lucky. My iPad reloaded the app and I was able to restore it! Yea! Read on my friends!!!

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I love a good mani pedi and frequent two establishments in Dallas – Nails La Belle and Mod Nails! Both do a fantastic job and offer similar yet different services. I can’t wait for these businesses to open back later this year and will be one of the first customers on the list!

In the past two years I have been doing gel on my nails and toes. I love the quick and easy application, the longevity of the paint, and fast dry time! Since quarantine started my nails have been in rough shape. I last had them done at the end of February with plans to touch up after spring break and skiing. Well, that did not happen and I have been getting by.

One of the things I have heard on the daily is how in need us ladies and gents are of a hair appointment or getting their nails done. I know that this is not attainable right now given the COVID-19 pandemic so we are being resourceful and I have a couple of great products to help you achieve that spa finish!

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Side note – later this week my family members that are hairdressers will provide some quick tips for cutting and coloring family members hair! Texas salons are still closed until further notice! So stay tuned!!!

I have been testing some nail products during the quarantine and found the holy grail of nail products that dry in less than five minutes and look fabulous. The wear and tear doesn’t happen for at least eight days in my experience too.

The first is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and Insta Dri (oh, and there Argan Oil polish is great too). A friend turned me on to these products and I have not been disappointed. Below are a few steps to complete to achieve that beautiful nail.

1. File your nails!

2. Soak nails for a few minutes in lukewarm water.

3. Lightly push back cuticle and if you are daring use a cuticle cutter, scraper, or file to trim the excess.

4. Dry nails and use a cloth to rub/buff nail.

5. Apply Miracle Gel to the nail. Depending on the color I use 2-3 coats.

6. Apply Insta Dri and allow a minute or so for the nail to harden/dry and you are ready to go!

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It is that fast and simple. I was literally shocked that the polish performed as well as it did and I highly recommend it for you as a quick fix for that salon finish nail!

Another product that I have used that is quick and easy are the nail stickers. You simply cut, stick, and file away the excess. You are able to apply a top coat of clear polish too for a longer wear. Sally Hansen has two products. One is old school and they still offer fun and wild prints. They also have these gel stickers too. Both are made from real polish which is a bonus!

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The last product I would suggest is the gel curing kits that you can buy online. You receive a uv light, polish, and tools to achieve the “perfect” nail. The gelish product is a really good product and is considered a “pro” tool and finish. I linked two kits below. These are more expensive than some of the other kits, but have a more reputable brand!

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Try them out and tell me what you think. You will not be disappointed. It is a great fix for a DIY nail at home! Ok, I am off to bed before midnight tonight. Woohoo!



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