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November 12, 2019

More and more people access the world of fashion through social media. The internet is giving women and men a new sense of style. I am here to show you how you can get those high dollar designer items at a better price point so you can enjoy many of the looks you admire. 

I want to first say that the designer items are FABULOUS the fabric and leathers they choose are like butter. But it comes with a very HIGH price point. Before I start, let me say that I currently have NO COLLABORATION WITH THE COMPANIES I AM TALKING ABOUT. But…one day I hope too! 😉 Although, that isn’t why I’m sharing this post. It is to give you options in purchasing a stylish look that enables one and all to feel in the mix of the brands that bring us fashion looks each season. 

Target – went through a reshuffling of their design departments and came up with POP UP’S, Designer collaboration and a high fashion look at what I consider a gift to the stylish women and men even our little ones. I shop Target for almost everything (not really, but sort of) I am constantly reminded of their progress with their products and selection. I have stopped and checked out many items that were on mannequins and left with those exact items in my bag. I definitely give them the AWARD for stepping up the fashion game. Go TARGET. Note, when caring for these clothes wash gentle and do not mix with heavy duty fabric as you will wear them out quicker.

Walmart – girl have you seen their new product lines coming. I can’t wait to show you their new stuff. I was blown away. Maybe they got on board with Target and said hey this online purchasing power is really legit. In order to compete with Target and the big dept stores, Amazon, and other online stores they had to re-evaluate their product line. I have shown you some great items with unbelievable savings. Some of the big dogs in this industry of Influencers have had the honor of collaborating with Walmart. So ladies don’t count them out. I want to say until my husband and I purchased a home in the country I didn’t really go to Walmart as often. Now its my GO TO STORE FOR MANY THINGS.

AMAZON IS KING. Oh my goodness don’t even get me going on how amazing this company is and what they are doing. Same day, One- Day delivery FREE what…no way. Oh and the Amazon Fashion allows you to receive and try on their products before buying. If you don’t like them then you can them back FREE. That is not even the best part – as you know they have EVERYTHING!!! Food, clothing, technology, and more. Plus, Kohl’s is now a return location for Amazon and this service is very convenient and easy to use. They pack and mail things back without a fee.

Nordstrom is my go to store when I want the first hand season trends with a good price point. I’m nuts for bags and shoes! Lord help me! They also have a wonderful makeup department with stylists and make-up artists waiting to show you how to achieve their perception of beauty. This store has many great sales and their Rack has even deeper discounts. Their return policy is stellar and the clothing is very durable and beautiful.

Saks Off 5th – THEY HAVE GREAT prices on designer bags and shoes for all.
Most people can not afford those high ticket items. It’s crazy and not feasible on the wallet. Luckily, designers in all areas are stepping up the game and providing us great options at an everyday price point. Retailers are mixing it up and collaborating with some of the best in the industry to show you how you can look like a million bucks. If you own it you will rock it!

As an influencer, I feel its my job to show you all of your options. You will see me showcasing some of the big boys sometimes because I have followers who will purchase that item. I will show you dupes because I buy the dupes too – my heart loves Valentino Rock Studs, but I own the Jessica Simpson look alikes! 

I will never take a product I don’t like, use, or believe in. I will always be honest about the way I feel about products shown to you. I actually turn down many weekly opportunities because I just don’t believe in what they are selling.

I CANNOT thank you enough for helping me grow TEXASMADRE! We are going on 3 years and I gave myself 5 years to be at a place I could maybe recoup my spending. LOL! I love it and truly do appreciate you for following me, I feel like I know so many of you and try often to talk to you and get to know more of you.

Thank you again!


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