Mesh Cut Outs

Mesh Cut Outs


Do you ever have those days when you feel like everything is clicking? Well, that is how my week went. I kicked its a@@ and it felt good. Now if i could only get that to happen on a regular basis life would so smooth! In a perfect world my friends. Until then, I will settle for the little victories and feeling good.

My look is super casual. I dropped the kids off and knew I would hit the gym soon after. Casual, comfortable, and dressed up enough to not scare my peers. Haha!

The mesh cut out trend in athletic gear is a fave of mine this season. It is edgy and flattering believe or not. As a curvy girl I sometimes steer clear from cut outs and tears as it can highlight all the wrong things. However, these tights are done in a stylish and slimming way. Most cuts are at an angle or a peek-a-boo effect. Regardless, I have several styles and pairs. Thank you designers.

The best thing about these pants and the modern athletic gear is it can be worn day and night. Athleisure gear is an amazing concept and one that the women in my neighborhood embrace. Who wore it best? Maybe that should be a game to play at drop-off and pick-up.

Hope your day is amazing and sorry for being MIA. I took some much needed R&R before daylight savings hit and threw off our schedules.

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Back 2 School

My little ones started their big adventure today. Kindergarten and a full day of school. How exciting to witness this milestone in their lives. I am so grateful for the opportunity to guide them and shape them into the men they will be one day.

While they start this adventure, mama is starting one of her own too. This year all four of my babies will be in school. I will have two days of no children. What will I do with myself?

Being active and present in their school district is a must. I regularly volunteer and occasionally sub in the district to keep abreast of the environment and gain rapport amongst the staff.

Prior to babies, I worked for the best airline in the industry, Southwest Airlines and was a part of their dynamic marketing team. When the military started moving us, I went back to school and earned my masters in education and became a certified teacher in multiple states.

Now that my children are growing older blogging and marketing are active in my life again. I wake up daily and am excited to share my life with you all. I love hearing from everyone too.

Here is our back to school look. Mama’s look is more versatile to accommodate school drop-off and then hit the gym.

There are a lot of sales on many of the pieces. Also, you will receive free shipping on with orders of $35 or more. Happy shopping!


Old Navy Twill Flat Front Shorts

Old Navy Uniform Polos

Nike Sneakers



Graphic Tee

C9 Laser Cut Capri

MIA Slip On Sneaker

Cashmere Vest

Beyond Baroque Purse (My orange bag is not available, but I linked their fun products)

My Mini

Hannah Anderson Legging

Striped Tank

Cat and Jack Slip On



Stay Strong Stay Fit

Who doesn’t love RuPaul. She said it best, “You better work!”

I love to workout. Whether it is a running outside, walking, swimming, or utilizing the machines I am 100% committed to taking time for myself and getting the cardio I need. This time serves as a time out for me. I get 30 minutes to a hour of quiet and can recharge before taking on the role as mom.

Working out serves two purposes for me: 1. It keeps me healthy and gives me energy. Without this I would not be the best version of myself and would do a disservice to my little ones. 2. It grants me freedom to enjoy food the way I do. I mean Tex-Mex, Italian, you name it – I love it!

What better way to track your health than with the Apple Watch. This watch is so great and I am pretty sure that I don’t need to sell you on the Apple products.

I always say you should dress the part. Right now there are so many cool styles of activewear. I recently found two great outfits from Target that are fashionable and comfortable. C9 stepped up their game and made leggings with a cool cut at the calf and mesh. Their sports bra has a great fit and holds everything in place. Check out my latest purchase from their line.

My go to shoe is a Nike. I am pretty loyal when it comes to my running shoes. I have tried many brands and none of the others offer me the comfort and support of the Pegasus that Nike makes for women. My hot pink shoes are a little a sassy while getting the job done. What is your go to shoe?

I encourage you all to get after it to feel strong and feel fit!

C9 Sports Bra

C9 Capri Pant

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

Apple Watch