Solar Ready

August 21, 2017


Today is a big day. The solar eclipse is upon us. I have been frantically looking for glasses for us to wear for the big show too. Of course, everything is gone! I remember watching the monumental solar eclipse in the 80s on the stairs of the church with our besties. Crazy that my babies get to experience a once in a lifetime one too!

I found some gorgeous glasses that I think could do the trick for me today. jk! They will not cut it for the solar eclipse, but will make it in my collection.

I love these Alice + Olivia Beverly Crystal Sunglasses. It is not often that I splurge on glasses because my little ones get ahold of them and they bite the dust. I had to make a special exception for these beauties.

They are adorned with Swarovski crystals on a round black Italian frame with gold tones. Yes! My ancestors would be proud. These come in a bone too. I got mine at Nordstrom. Shop below!


Beverly Crystal Round Sunglasses




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