Denim to the Max

October 11, 2017

I have told you before and I will tell you again, I love maxi dresses. They are flowy, feminine, and fabulous. They have a boho vibe and I adore the cut and comfort.

This week I have been displaying my denim jacket. Today I dressed it up a bit and layered over my cotton maxi that I lived in for the summer. The best thing about the jean jacket is the ability to match anything because of its color and the standard cut that can’t go wrong. It is versatile and an excellent staple for your wardrobe.

How did I do?

I complemented the look with my trusty Louis and my Dolve Vita booties. Put on some hoops, a layered necklace, and some flare on your wrist and you are ready for any occasion.

Like this look year round. Swap the booties for a pair of sandals or heels. The looks are endless!

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