A Timeless Gift

November 2, 2017

Every year I hear the same old question. What do I buy for my husband who has everything and needs nothing? Well, let me introduce you to this amazing watch.

This is the Hyde Series by JORD Watches. This specific design is minimalism at its best. The watch is designed of wood and they call it Ebony & Iron. A truly eco-friendly and sustainable accessory.

Why is this watch something you should consider buying? Let me tell you.

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Let me preface this by saying that I love watches. I must own at least ten designer watches that I interchange in my wardrobe daily. In recent years I have leaned towards a more masculine watch. This JORD Watch is a new favorite with its design and appearance. I hope that you are inspired to read JORD’s story and find a watch that fits your lifestyle.

1. The whole presentation is amazing. Your watch is delivered in a wooden box with a humidfiying agent to assist in the preservation of the wood. It is an experience and definitely in line with their brand efforts of a modern lifestyle that focuses on the moments rather than time itself.
2. The manufacturing is eco-friendly. All watches are handcrafted and designed from sustainable wood. These are all natural luxury products.
3. The Ebony & Iron is handsome with its polished band and sapphire crystal glass. The functionality is well crafted and seamless. The watch doesn’t just look good, but it works wonderfully too.
4. The watch is versatile and can easily transition from day to night. It is lightweight and most series are uni-sex and can be worn by all.
5. For those that have allergies to certain metals, this watch is the answer with the wooden band.
6. The price point is remarkably affordable with prices ranging from $139-$495.
7. Oh, and all JORD watches ship free world wide.

That is a win in my book. If you are still not 100% sold, visit JORD Watches and you will love the interface on their website. It is user friendly and there are several options to customize your very own luxury wood watch.

I am thrilled to own this watch. It will be a staple in my husband’s and my wardrobe. Twinsies, or maybe I will just keep it for myself. Ha!

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Thank you to JORD Watches for partnering with me on this post. The Ebony & Iron is a truly handsome and stylish watch. All opinions and creative perspective are my own.



Wooden Wristwatch

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