Pickin’ Clothes

November 5, 2017

The family went to East Texas this weekend for a little R&R. We love the wide open spaces and slow pace.

Lucky for us First Monday was taking place. This is 100 acres of vendors set up selling their products in the largest “flea market” in the country. There you go! We rounded up the kiddos and hit the pavement for a few hours. There were a lot of ups and downs, but we are happy to say we finished the day off with carnival rides and smiles. Thank goodness.

We went to Trade Days with two purposes.

1. Take the kids to see the live animals, specifically chickens. DONE!

2. Look for inspiration and items for our dance barn.

We did find some cool pieces, but did not buy this round. Our barn is definitely old and rustic. We are trying to determine how to best handle the floors. Right now we are on dirt so we have to take that into consideration when buying. Good news we know where to find what we need next month and can start buying and storing until the barn is complete.

If you have never gone to a flea market you should. There are thousands of people that come from all over. It is definitely something to see.

To tackle those 100 acres I needed something casual and comfortable. Also, Texas is being flighty with the weather so layers are an absolute must. Check out my go to look for a day of walking and pickin’!



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