Add a Touch of Red

February 20, 2018

Boho Vibe

Red never looked so good. From classy to chic you can doll your style up with a pop of color!

This season red is back and better than before. It was one of the biggest trends during the fall and winter and now the newest trend for spring is red and pink. I am loving the feminine and happy colors and the bold and modern approach to fashion!

Red is such a statement color and many call it the POWER color or link it to passion, danger, and excitement. I say embrace it and own the color. I paired the red with a similar red shoe or an accessory to enhance the look. Don’t be surprised though when you see someone on the street decked out head to toe in this vibrant color. It will immediately have you singing an old favorite by Chris de Burgh, “Lady in Red” and you will understand the sentiments of this beautiful hue and the connotations it lends. In case you forgot it, I have linked it below:

I styled most of my looks with a casual undertone; however, there are some that have more of a classic elegance with the cut and complementing pieces. For example, the red and blush look is gorgeous and a favorite. The choker style top with the vibrant red layered with a soft blush blazer will catch anyone’s eye. The blazer is tailored and has a nice movement. Plus, those heels are amazing! Purchased at DSW they are a steal of a deal. Look closely and you will see the beautiful shape that outlines the foot.

Red and Blush

Others have an edge with the the added details and how they contrast the look. Take the boho vibe with the stripe work and added layers – colors, patterns, texture, and different metals for the win. Or in the xoxo photo with the textured pearl embellished belt in black. It is the little things that go a long way and have people remembering a look.

Gone with the wind


Style is fun and it is good to take risks and step out of your comfort zone. Experiment with color. Don’t be afraid to add red to your lips, wear a long red dress, or strut your stuff in those killer red heels. This hue goes a long way and will not disappoint.

Hunter Boots

By the way, these Hunter boots are some of my faves. For those curvy women out there, these are the solution to that muscly calf. I had several followers reach out via instagram and tell me they loved the violet color and brand, but were worried about the fit because of their shape. I can promise you that you can wear them. There is a an expanded strap on the side that allows this pair to open up and accommodate that muscle. Try them out in store and see what I mean.

Have a great night! I am off to finish laundry and then conk out. Wish me luck that no little ones sneak into bed tonight. I may just be waking up with a foot in my face. Hahaha! Momlife!



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