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February 22, 2018

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Who has a strong and decisive personality? haha! I bet a lot of you do. My little one does for sure. Jordyn is four almost turning five. She is a Leo girl that is all fire and sass. She loves deeply and has a creative mind.

As I have started this journey sharing my love of fashion and attainable style, she has enjoyed participating through the process too. I mentioned earlier this week that she already picks out her outfits and accessories and tells me she is ready to blog. Just yesterday we were out at NorthPark and she found a dress and shoes and had to have them.

Check out this cute embroidered bib dress and darling ruffle sneakers.

She actually wore these out of the store and upon getting a snack immediately got it dirty. Help me! ha! This is not the only outfit she picked up. Sassy one!


What I love most is realizing this creative side of her. She has been expressing an interest in clothing, design, you name it. Her doll house gets a makeover almost daily. Not sure if this is a trait she inherited from her grandma or just pure creativity. She can piece together an outfit in a flash and is not afraid of color! She loves makeup and is actually pretty good at applying her children’s products.

You go girl! I can’t wait to see what big things are in store for you.

TexasMadre is not just about my style, but those of the people in my life. I hope you enjoy this take on style and fashion at all ages. Be on the lookout for more from girls and my little studs!



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