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February 20, 2018

Maddie Love

There is something so special about spending time with your children. As you all know, I have four and they have been fighting over 1:1 time from the beginning. Twins then 20 mos later another then 19 mos later another. Holy Moly!

They are the biggest gift I could have ever received. We wished, cried, and celebrated their adventure into the world. AND, we are so proud to be their parents and watch them begin their journey to young men and women.



The past two weeks Chris and I had a lot of quality time with the kiddos. For Valentine’s Day he took the girls on a date and I took the boys! Chris and I surprised the boys on a school night and took them to see a sneak preview of Peter Rabbit. Today, I took the girls to see Peter Rabbit. Daddy went fishing with the boys over the weekend. The girls and I went shopping. These were just a few of the little things we did to have more time with the kiddos. I don’t need to tell you that once everyone is together it is mad chaos and we would not change a thing. I am sure in 20 years I will be complaining that it is too quiet!

With the boys in school full time now I love having more time with my girls. They are so fun and silly and light up over the littlest comment or gesture. Right now you are seeing them more on the feed and they are loving their role as a “blogger” =) Jordyn came up to me the other day after styling herself and said, “I am ready to go blog!” Love this little one and her fierce self.

Baby Girl

Speaking of Jordyn, we actually had a huge milestone today! I enrolled her in kindergarten. OMG, how is my baby girl already getting ready to enter big girl school. She is beyond excited and looking forward to attending and learning. The boys are happy to have her there too. They want to show her around and introduce her to everyone. So sweet. She will love having them there to guide and protect her!

Te Quiero

With everything we do we embrace each child and their unique personality. They are at the point where their opinion matters and often state it and show it in their clothes. I am sharing five sweet outfit shoots for the kids and I. There is a lot of casual and cool trends mostly purchased at Target, Nordstrom, Old Navy, and Neiman Marcus. From the casual legging and sweater to the lace up corset blouse. Some glitter and sparkle meets the ruffle sneaker and Nike. We have you covered for the end of winter and start of spring.

Hope you have a wonderful evening and if you are in the Big D stay dry! The rain is coming down.




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