Biker Short Trend

March 21, 2019

Biker shorts are now “a thing “ to paraphrase an article I recently read. It’s so funny how styles come and go. Do hold on to your black biker shorts forever because this will come in handy at the gym and believe me this Spring and Summer you will be wearing it. I found these wonderful looks to share on fashion trends…

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I want all of these looks. LOVE them. Check out the first one can you stand it, what a great looking casual look that can take this girl pretty much wherever she wants to go. Let’s do errands, meet for lunch and even the gym. 

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Love the white shoes edgy style. You can’t beat the black biker short. Okay, the next photo how gorgeous first off are those heels! I love the yellow top with this because it gives a wonderful pop to the look. This look go anywhere but yes darling do go somewhere fabulous.

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And the last look Oh la la I am all in with this Parisan look. You know I love those chic looks. I can’t stand it, the heel, the blazer, beret and that pop of red earring and lip. I’m dying over here just looking at it. And guess what I have many of these pieces in my closet. I am so happy to see this trend because I normally DO NOT wear a short short so this is perfect for me. I just want to mention I have been seeing these biker shorts paired with jackets and blazers even for the hot months ahead. Be sure and check out the products I’ve posted to see if theres one you just have to have. I’m so excited writing this post I want to go try on my looks. lol really!!!!

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Bon Jour and all that as we head into Spring with the BIKER SHORT made elegant and fashionably chic!



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