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Street Style – Deep Ellum Mural Edition

April 28, 2019

When you think of Downtown Dallas you think of the Arts District, Neiman Marcus, and Farmers Market. Of course there are other draws to our Downtown, but to say it is the happening place would be incorrect.

Over the years our city has been working hard to revitalize our downtown and give it the face lift it deserves. One area of our downtown that has already gone through an up down and awesome update is Deep Ellum. Deep Ellum used to be the heart of music in Dallas. You had your groovy stores, hard core bars, and a some restaurants that have managed to hang around.

When I went to college I would say this part of town dwindled in popularity and in the past ten years we have seen an amazing quest to reclaim it’s glory. I think they have succeeded! Main Street specifically has had the newest face lift. Great restaurants, bars, businesses, coffee shops, and an all around fresh face lift. It actually reminds me of 2nd Street in Austin.

There is much more to Deep Ellum than in the past. There is now a local craft brewery that is revolutionizing the practices of Texas. There is an inviting art bar that creates family centered activities once a week and appeals to the creatives. There are a ton of new businesses that are very much in line with Gen Y and Zers business accumen and interests.

Our city is changing for the better and Deep Ellum has nailed it. Now one thing you will notice in Deep Ellum is the beautiful and intentional street art. There are murals all around and the pictures I have shared here only showcase a handful of what is out there.

Crowdus is home to the following murals:

Stay on the Bright Side – Stevie Ray Vaughn – St. Pete’s – Believe in Yourself

Malcom X is home to the I Love You mural and Deep Ellum Brewery that sits on the corner of St. Louis.

Commerce has the create which is painted on the gate of the Deep Ellum Art Co. There is also the colorful Dallas compilation with the eyeball, pegasus, and more.

Good Latimer has painted pillars under I-75/I-30 passes. This is home to a dog park.

On Taylor Street you have the Maverick’s beloved Dirk Nowitzki. By the way, he just retired after playing with one team for 20 years. Amazing career!

The Bulldog is on Clover Street near the alley.

Finally, the Bart Simpson scenes are on Walton.

Like I said, these are just a handful of some of the iconic murals in Deep Ellum. If you have not been to this part of town I highly encourage you to go. It is a quick walk away from Downtown and offers everything you can imagine!

Outfit Deets

With the warmer months debuting you will find me in my maxi dresses, skirts, swimsuits, and more. I love to take a pool look and transition it to day or night.

I am wearing a one piece swimsuit with a ruffle detail that plunges into a pretty v-neck. The back has a criss cross feature and the color is very happy and on trend. Remember that lavenders are hawt hawt hawt!

My skirt can be buttoned and unbuttoned to create a flirty look. My sandals are last season, but still popular and on trend today. We are seeing more metallics and tan in this style. I am ready for a patio day for sure! 😉

Signing off for now, but I will be back with more Street Style Editions and Murals from the Big D!



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