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McDonald’s North Texas Presents Cones With Cops

July 8, 2019

This month I had the pleasure to promote and attend McDonald’s North Texas’ Cones with Cops event. McDonald’s had events in three cities across North Texas including Fort Worth, Longview, and Plano. I attended the Plano event at the McDonald’s location on Custer and McDermott Road. This location is operated by Mr. O’Reilly, an industry veteran that owns and operates 21 locations. The genuine hospitality of Mr. O’Reilly’s staff was greatly appreciated by the patrons.

Cones with Cops was designed to bring members of the community together to mix and mingle with their local police officers. The police officers spoke one on one with individuals answering questions about safety. There was a professional photographer taking photos of families with their local police officers. McDonald’s offered complimentary ice cream, goody bags along with guest appearances by two favorite McDonald characters. The newly redesigned location and enlarged Play-Place in Plano is filled with activity for all kids.

I had the pleasure of meeting Officer Christopher Bianez, who is in charge of a weekly newsletter that emails out to the public tips, safety suggestions, community opportunities and more. You can subscribe to his newsletter issued through the Plano Police Department (PD) or watch his videos here. Although I don’t live in Plano, I signed up for this newsletter so I could get a pulse on the DFW area and learn from Officer Bianez. He also offers safety seminars and can be booked here.

Cones with Cops was a great success. There were many families, friends, and local government that attended the event. The McDonald’s Team did a superb job setting up a station that allowed Officers to greet customers and pass out Plano PD and McDonald’s swag. They also had The Hamburglar and Birdie the Early Bird surprise patrons and greet them. They were a hit with the kids and adults too (I know my husband and I reminisced about the old days at McDonald’s). * Quick story – when I was the age of my twins (7ish) McDonald’s offered Muppet Baby stuffed animals as the toy in the Happy Meal. I loved my Miss Piggy and my little brother loved Kermit the Frog. In fact, he still has his Kermit that came from a McDonald’s Happy Meal! * Seeing The Hamburglar and Birdie the Early Bird made my day and reminded me of my youth and the role that McDonald’s has played in my entire life.

What better way for McDonald’s to introduce safety to the community than to start with the children and families. McDonald’s prides itself on being a family place that brings people together through food, play, and fun. McDonald’s effort to support the community in different events reminds us that the heart of the community is a core value of McDonald’s. Mr. O’Neill and the McDonald’s team continue to remind us why this brand is an industry leader.

AND, as they say – ba da ba ba ba – I’m lovin’ it! Up next on the McDonald’s chain of events is National French Fry Day. Get ready for this tasty treat – Saturday, July 13th! Details will be live on my Instagram feed and stories this week!



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