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Family Fun in East Texas

July 5, 2019

Came out to the country this weekend for some R & R. The weather in Texas is really HOT.

After a fantastic 4th of July we as a family needed some down time. We don’t have horses mainly because we don’t reside on our property. It’s our get away just about an hour outside of Dallas. We purchased 10 acres so our kids could run free and play. 

My boys love sports they are all boy if you know what I mean. Let’s see there’s fishing, fighting, biking, baseball, basketball, trampoline, and chasing chickens on the golf cart. You would think at 7 they’d have this two wheel biking down but when you don’t practice well…! I got them each a bike and we begin to practice. As you can see in the pics they are fast becoming cyclist!

I don’t want to leave out the girls believe me my little one Maddie, she runs the roost! You can see by the pics how important the open air is for kids. It’s where imagination and physical fitness begins as a norm. Don’t think it’s not hot out here. It’s all good though because their smiles tell me they are happy to be in Chuggyville. 

I just want to say how happy there’s a place to sit back put my feet up and have a cold refreshment at about 5pm. Lemonade or margarita I’m not pickyy! Heading back to the kids hope you’re having a blessed day now and always. Oh, I have to give a shout out to my uncle who works our land for us. He’s in the background of the pic. Hardest working Texan I know. 

Talk to y’all later my sweet friends. I was country when country wasn’t cool…singing. 😉


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