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Tips for a Healthy Body Mind and Outlook

April 26, 2020

We all know that with the way the world is currently operating there is a room for many “bad” thoughts to creep into our daily lives. I know I have had a few downs during this quarantine, but for the most part I have been up up and away.

I believe a positive mind creates a happier and healthier you and try to live this in my life. So, as we wrap up another week of social distancing I’m sharing my TOP 5 tips for maintaining a positive, happy, and healthy outlook as our 🌎 heals.

  • Make time for yourself (a 5 min recharge goes a long way)! I find my self taking time folding clothes, running out of the room to make a fun Tik Tok, grabbing the tripod to take a pic, or even running to the store or for a drive to take my time. There is no shame in this either. Sometimes we need to just let our mind reset doing nothing or something. Here is a quick glimpse into my day and why I take the time (short or long) that I can get. My husband is working from home and the kids are all in school online and I am busy all day long with homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, fulfilling commitments, taking meetings, and maintaining the blog. You can see there is not a whole lot of time for just me. That is why you have to make it. My recommendation is to create an appointment on your phone so you have to go and react to the alert.
  • Exercise – a walk day keeps the bad juju away! One thing that we scheduled into our daily routine is a 1-2 mile walk or bike ride. This typically happens after breakfast and before we kick off school. By setting this routine I am able to get in a little exercise which always makes me feel better. My mind opens up and the endorphins kick in to give me a happier and more creative mind. If the day permits I will incorporate other 15 minute to one hour workouts. I will also add that make sure you drink a ton of water. If you can drink a gallon a day it will help push toxins and inflammation out and allow all the good of exercising to really take effect.
  • Keep a routine – if you have littles a loose routine will set the tone for the day/week/month and make your days run smoother. Everyone will have something to look forward to and know what to expect. I say loose as things always pop up and school is not a consistent schedule. So we adapt as things are introduced into the day. The kids always know that if they wake up before me they are to hop on to their iPad and begin their 20 minutes of reading. We then have breakfast, hit the pavement, say the announcements, and then complete school. Beyond that we have playtime, extracurricular activity, and then downtime. This has been HUGE in allowing the kids to feel safe in this time and maintain a sense of normalcy. Plus, I don’t want them to get out of practice for school for next year.
  • Schedule virtual gatherings! I have loved connecting with my gf for hours and laughing until my belly aches! I have a recurring happy hour with four of my girls each week. The quarantine actually allows us to see each other more than we did before everything changed in the world. Funny how things work! Another group of friends is starting a weekly social hour too. This has been wonderful for the soul. We can vent, laugh, love, cry, and enjoy seeing each other. It does not replace the face to face interaction we normally have, but it sure does make things feel normal. There are several platforms you can use that are free to host these gatherings. Zoom is free and has restrictions on time and size of gathering. Google Meet/Hangout is free and has no restrictions that i have encountered. I will say that I don’t like the scheduling aspect as much. House party is a free app. It is easy to hop on, but my connection had a lot of static. Still not sure how I feel about it. Finally, FaceTime has the capability to video call multiple people now. You can access the group via the text message all are copied on!
  • Find a project – whether it is organization, room makeover, house paint, crafting take advantage of this time and complete that task you have been talking about for ages! I have organized my closet, done clean outs to donate goods, am about to line all my shelves, worked and cleaned the land. I may even paint the house (interior). I will keep you posted on this task!

These are all simple and attainable goals to consider if you are down this quarantine. Remember that there are always loved ones and friends that are there to talk to you if you feel the burden of this new way of life resting on your shoulders. AND remember that in time things will go back to “normal” and your sense of purpose will return. You got this friends.

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Have a great night!



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