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June 26, 2020

So I recently had a friend talk about youth shoe sizes and how they fit adults. I could not believe that a youth size would possibly fit my foot. Well, today I was proven wrong.

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I typically wear 8-9 in women’s shoes. I happened upon an awesome pair of Nike’s that were available in store in youth sizes and I said why not. I tried on a size 7 and they fit! They felt good and I still had room for movement.

I don’t know the exact science (sizing) of how these translate to adult sizes so I did some research. Below is a quick snapshot of how it translates.

A couple benefits of buying youth sneakers.

  1. Price – you will always get discounted prices for youth sizes.
  2. Availability – sometimes a brand makes the exact shoe in all categories and if it is sold out you can wear a youth shoe and nobody will know!
  3. Bragging Rights – I think I am pretty cool telling my kids I can wear youth shoes! haha!

Have you ever purchased a youth shoe for yourself?

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Ok, I am off to prep dessert, but I will be back tomorrow with a yummy lemonade sangria recipe. Stay tuned!



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