Party in a Pinch

July 11, 2018

I love a good party and am always game to throw one. Growing up I was always around elaborate setups and was treated to a fun bash every birthday. I learned early on how to use my resources and create something magical and exciting for all.

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Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way to remove stress from planning a party!

  1. Think of a theme. It does not have to be related to decor – it can be related to food, drink, or venue too!
  2. Utilize the internet. If you need inspiration look to the pros. You can visit Pinterest, Catch My Party, or simply search that theme on Google.
  3. Keep an inventory of products. I have several tubs full of decor. I can simply go to the garage grab a tub and start decorating. I also keep a variety of balloons, plates, table cloths, etc on hand. TIP: If you are throwing a sophisticated part look to IKEA for staples like wine glasses, flatware, plates. We have a ton of this in our family and it matches that of any caterer. BONUS TIP: Don’t want to pay for this on your own – share the cost with family or friends and you can share the product.
  4. Don’t spend a ton of money! I look to Dollar Tree, Party City, Amazon, Target, and Oriental Trading Company for extras. You can find a lot of bang for your buck. Plus, they have so many products for every theme imaginable. NOW, if you are talking about adult beverages I tend to favor Trader Joe’s. I like their selection of champagne and wine. If you don’t want people to know you are using cheap wine – add a cute themed label to the bottle. HA! TIP: use a decanter when serving the Two Buck Chuck. It improves the flavor a ton =)
  5. Save paper and head to Paperless Post or Evite to send a quick and easy invite to your guests. They have several designs to choose from and you can modify them to your taste.
  6. Have fun! If you are not in the right mind set you will not enjoy a second of the planning and hosting. At the end of the day all you need to do is remember that it is just a celebration and people will have a good time regardless!

The above is true for any party. Currently I am planning for my daughter’s 5th birthday. She requested a LOL party and my mom and I have had a blast finding goodies for her. Be on the lookout for a party recap.

NOW, if you are planning a last minute party let me tell you exactly what you need to do.

  1. First, I create my invite list and shoot out a quick text!
  2. Second, I am usually hosting and make sure my house is in shape. (i.e. I hide things in the closet, throw the toys in the armoire, quick vacuum and mop, and light the candles.
  3. Third, I look to Zoe’s, Pizza, Blue Mesa or Mattito’s for family/catering that can be ordered day of and picked up or delivered. I am sure you have something similar in your neighborhood. My advice, use them =)
  4. Fourth, I ask friends to bring their beverage of choice to ensure I have something for all.
  5. Fifth, if children are involved I keep a ton of juice boxes in my back fridge. Life saver!
  6. Next, turn on soft music. Alexa is our friend as our surround sound is busted and I need to upgrade to SONOS. Until then, we sync our Pandora, Spotify, and Amazon music accounts to help create the mood. One of my favorite stations is French Cafe on Pandora.
  7. Last, pull out the plates, flatware, and glasses. A party is about to begin. By the way, I have a ton of serving pieces I’ve collected over the years. My suggestion is to buy melamine dishes or bulk plastic ones that can be reused if kids are involved or you are by the pool. If you are worried about the design they have several good patterns available for purchase. I also have nicer ceramic plates and china that I bust out for the adults! I will create a page with some of my favorites so stay tuned. You can also purchase plastic stadium cups that can be reused or given as a souvenir to your guests.

That is it in a nutshell. Let me know what questions you have and I am happy to help guide you for your own event. Happy planning and be sure have a party!



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