Repeat, Recycle, Rewear

October 9, 2017

There is nothing better than finding a few pieces in a wardrobe that can pair well with many things. This season two items are hot and I have had them on repeat a lot. This week especially 😉 My distressed hi lo jeans and my animal print slides. Both go well with all colors and keep a casual look exciting with the ripped style and the loud animal print!

I know what you are thinking. She paid money for jeans with holes and cuts all over them. Right! It is a tough pill to swallow especially when I could give my five year olds scissors to create the same piece. HA! Ladies, I am hear to tell you. Spend the money. You can find these jeans from $30 to $200. They are trendy, durable, and can be worn anywhere.

The slides are some of my favorites. Animal print roared itself right in to this season’s standards. It is bold and edgy. There are several items that are available and most are surprisingly affordable. My slides are very comfortable and the texture is a silky soft. I really like the print and don’t feel like I have too much of a good thing going on.

My top is an oldie but goodie. A v neck never goes out of style and the cut is appealing and sophisticated. I could easily wear this into the office or keep it relaxed for a day on the town. I linked several v necks for you to choose from that have the same look and appeal as my exact top.

To doll up the look I layered a lot of gold on my wrist. I can’t tell you how much I like this grouping. My Michael Kors bangle is chunky and is a nice solid piece to wear with my watch. I have an evil eye bracelet that is simple and delicate to help break up the bulk. I also wore my David Yurman cuff that is two metals with some bling. This totally added appeal to my casual style.

When you find a good thing show it off. Recycling is totally in and doesn’t just need to stop at the kitchen.

Shop the look:
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